Very Vigouroux White Half-Case

Very Vigouroux White Half-Case

Malbec and more from this French winemaking family


For over a century, the Vigouroux family has passed a love of wine from generation to generation, building a reputation as one of the finest producers in France. Savor a six-bottle sampling of Vigouroux’s refreshing white wines with this special selection that features two harmonious white blends, and a tart Malbec rosé from Cahors, the grape’s French home.

2016 Voluptueux Sauvignon Blanc/Colombard
perfect balance of fruitiness and crisp acidity. It is extremely aromatic, with notes of citrus and exotic fruit

2016 Voluptueux Malbec Rosé
chill this naturally fresh and fruity wine, then pair it with salads, white meats, barbecued meats, Asian dishes, and other spicy foods

2016 Vivre Sa Vie Vin Blanc
zesty Sauvignon Blanc intertwines with fruity Loin de l’Oeil to create something greater than the sum of its parts

6 bottles included in this collection: