2015 Sorensina Falanghina Puglia

2015 Sorensina Falanghina Puglia

Golden Italian white with notes of apple and spice.


Named for the stakes used to support grapevines, Falanghina is Italy’s heritage white, with roots that can be traced back to the 7th century B.C. 2015 Sorensina Falanghina from Puglia is a wonderful example of this golden white wine, which thrives in southern Italy’s sunny Mediterranean climate. Chill a bottle, pour a glass, and enjoy apple flavors with notes of spice and vanilla that make it a tasty pairing for hearty, citrusy meals like lemon roast chicken.


Winery: AWD Cellars
Varietal: Falanghina
Year: 2015
Type: Dry
ABV: 13.4% ABV
Country: Italy