Award-Winners From Around The World

Our Wines Have Won Over 1,000 Awards. Why Is That a Big Deal?

It's official–Wine Insiders wines have now won over 1,000 awards and accolades!

Thanks to recent wins at the 2019 Monterey International Wine Competition, we officially passed the 1,000-medal marker. Our wine experts work hard to offer you great bottles to choose from, so a milestone like this makes us especially proud. To celebrate, we even put together a special case of award-winning bottles for you to enjoy at home!

Why Start in the Winner's Circle?

When you're first getting your feet wet in the world of wine, award winners are a great place to start off. Don't assume that medal-worthy wines will be lost on a "newbie" palate; this is actually a great way to learn what wines, flavors, and styles you enjoy the most.

That's because a wine wins awards when it's a great example of what that specific wine should taste like. So, if you're curious about Malbec, starting with our Gold Medal-winning 2017 Pretium Malbec will give you a great feel for the signature flavors and whether you like them. Similarly, if you want a stellar example of a South African Chardonnay, uncork our 2017 Trebuchet Chardonnay and relish the smooth, lightly buttery texture and crisp citrus notes.

What to Try First

One reason we're especially excited about our wines winning over 1,000 awards is because that means you have tons of fantastic options to choose from. From California Cabernet Sauvignon to French Rosé, we have award winners aplenty for you to try out! So whether you get a curated selection from us, or end up browsing and selecting your own choices, there's a pretty good chance you'll discover competition-topping wine that's been landed by judges and experts.

When you order our 1,000 Awards Celebration Case you'll get to enjoy these wines and more:

2017 Muchas Manos Red Blend


94-point Platinum Medal-winning Spanish red with notes of red fruit, pepper, and mocha.

2017 Pretium Malbec


Elegant Gold Medal winner from Southwest France, the Wine Enthusiast 2017 Wine Region of the Year.

2017 Cantina Di Solopaca Fiano D.O.P.


92-point Gold Medal-winning Italian white wine with classic notes of honey, spice, and hazelnut.

2017 Racine Chardonnay Pays d'Oc


Award-winning white wine from France with crisp acidity and lovely apple and pear notes.

2017 Trebuchet Chardonnay


92-point Gold Medal-winning white wine from South Africa, with classic crisp flavors of lime, lemon, and pineapple.