Bordeaux for the Holidays

Make your holiday a destination celebration with wine from France’s finest region!

Bordeaux wine is for far more than just sipping, it’s great with food too. Add some savoir faire to your Thanksgiving dinner with sumptuous red, white, and rosé wines from Bordeaux, France. It will be like a themed party for your wine glasses.


Bordeaux is best-known for complex blends of red Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc grapes. When it’s turkey time, look for a Merlot-dominant blend. This milder varietal is terrific for crossing the aisle and pairing with poultry, especially the dark meat, and it’s rich enough to sip with your sausage-laden stuffing.


While the vast majority of Bordeaux wine is red, the region is known for layered blends of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon that are light enough to refresh, but full enough to sip throughout multiple courses. Try a Bordeaux Blanc with your turkey—especially if it’s stuffed with fresh herbs—and pour some more with green vegetables like a traditional broccoli or green bean casserole.


Pink Rosé wine is often thought of as a summer sipper, but here’s the case for putting a bottle or three on your Thanksgiving table: Rosé is versatile with food, sitting in the middle ground between red and white wine, and it’s natural fruitiness makes for a refreshing dessert pairing. Oh, and did we mention that it is perfectly pink and lovely to look at?


Shop our top Bordeaux for delicious pairings throughout your holiday meal.

2015 La Cabane Aux Oiseaux Bordeaux Rouge


Supple, Merlot-based Bordeaux with notes of cherry and currant that move from the aromas to the palate with ease. AWARDS: Silver Medal, 2018 Sommelier Challenge International Wine Competition

Enjoy with : Turkey, Stuffing

2016 Arnozan Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc


Zesty and layered white Bordeaux with delicate notes of citrus, grass, gooseberry, and mellow honeysuckle. AWARDS: Silver Medal, 2018 Women’s International Wine Competition

Enjoy with : Turkey, Pork, Green Veggies

2016 Arnozan Bordeaux Rosé


Dry, pale pink Rosé with a clean pale pink color and a lively palate of fresh fruit. AWARDS: Silver Medal, 2018 Critics Challenge International Wine Competition

Enjoy with : Turkey, Dessert