Summer-Ready Reds

It's time to chill!

The weather is warmer, you're finally ordering iced coffee instead of the hot stuff, and now you're starting to wonder: can I drink my favorite red wine cool, too?

While the rule of thumb is to serve white wine cold and red wine at room temperature, that rule is long overdue for another look. The idea of serving red wine at room temperature comes from centuries ago when homes were draftier, colder, and often made of stone—like castles. Room temperatures were significantly lower in these building, so red wine was naturally served with a nice chill.

Not only does chilling red wine make it great for warm weather, it gives it some historical accuracy. Follow these tips for serving success:

Enjoy a pop of fruit

A lower temperature brings out red wine's acidity and heightens its freshness and fruitiness. In other words, a red's flavors really pop when chilled!

What red are best served cool?

When I say "Pinot," you say, "Noir!" This light and bright red wine is perfect when chilled. Same for bold Italian Barbera. If you prefer full-bodied reds, stick Zinfandel or Malbec in the fridge. These varietals are light on mouth-drying tannins and will still have a pleasant juiciness when chilled.

You can ice coffee, so why not red wine?

Serve these fruity reds chilled all summer long.

2017 Lone Cardinal Lodi Pinot Noir


Bright Region of the Year red.

2017 Fleur de Roche Malbec


Fruity French red from "...a hotbed of dynamic innovation..."

2016 Abbazia Barbera d'Asti D.O.C.G.


Ripe and youthful Italian red.

2017 El Portal Vineyard Select Zinfandel


Nothing says "California" like this bold red wine.