Fire & Ice Pairing

What to Drink While Watching Game of Thrones Season 8

Wine varietals paired to regions of Westeros

Without a doubt the world of Westeros has taken everyone by storm, including wine enthusiasts! And why not? From the princely palace of King's Landing to the bleak battlefields, we have heard Cersei, Tyrion and even Prince Oberyn singing the praises of our favorite fermented juice. For the final season we've got pairings to enhance your experience enjoying the end of the epic saga.

Dorne and Tempranillo

Even if you have only watched one season (has anyone out there only watched one season???) you have already heard about the wonders of a Dornish red. No doubt this temperate climate is arid and looks to be a bit rocky onscreen, so we're going to suggest if you fly the banner of House Martell in your home you are probably drinking an oak-aged Crianza Tempranillo. We know someone very special was born in a Tower in Dorne, so why not uncork a bottle of Torre de Rejas, "Tower of Bars", while watching the prince who was promised meet his destiny.

King's Landing and Cahors Malbec

The capital is a dangerous place full of innocence and intrigue, but there is really only one wine that is fit for a King or Queen, 2016 Château Lafleur de Haute-Serre Malbec. Daenerys and Tyrion could sip this in the Great Hall and taste the abundance in this Malbec from Cahors, where wine has been made since the Middle Ages. If the White Walkers are bringing an end to all things golden, may as well go out with an elegant bang.

Winterfell and Sparkling Whites and Reds

Ah, those stubborn Northerners surrounded by rough weather and a historic family name! During the first World War, vineyards were trampled across France and Italy in places where famous battles were fought including the fields of Champagne. Grape vines grow stronger, like the steadfast family of Stark, when conditions are harsh. Despite the reputation of the North, Sansa Stark shows us that sophistication can prevail, so we always pair a sparkling white wine for toasting her triumphs. Try our Abbazia Spumante D.O.C.G. named for the 13th century abbey near the site of the vineyards.

Arya Stark knows many faces, like the Pinot Noir grape which is used to produce both red and white wines including Champagne, so if you favor her form of fighting tip back Racine Pinot Noir from Pays d'Oc—it's light and soft like you need to be when silently sneaking up on kitty cats or enemies on your list. We really like her dark side.

Brandon Stark sees all that has come and gone and things not happened yet, thus he might prefer a blend. If you also have the sight try 2014 Arnozan Lussac Saint-Emillion Bordeaux Rouge. It's perfectly balanced, soft and silky like an all-seeing raven. If you don't like blends, his second favorite would likely be Lone Cardinal Zinfandel. It's not a raven, but it's dark-fruit laden and from old vines. We think the old gods would approve.

The Reach and Merlot

Have we seen the last of the Reach? Perhaps, however it's described as a lush place of beauty, so that would be disappointing. Still, House Tyrell is gone and even the bannermen House Tarly has taken a hit. When we think of the Reach we now think of the noble, intelligent and thoughtful Samwell who has already killed White Walkers and Thens and been the first to uncover the true lineage of Jon Snow, so we expect even bigger things from him this year. Our suggested pairing is a friendly, but bold wine such as the ever harmonious Merlot. How can you not love Sam and how can you not love Merlot? Go for our 2017 Georges Vigouroux Hommage Merlot.

The Stormlands and Aligoté

House Baratheon really only has Gendry now, the poor Fleabottom blacksmith. He's escaped massacres, the red woman and White Walkers and as of yet still remains relatively minor aside from having earned the interest of Arya Stark. Because Chardonnay is the famous grape of esteemed Burgundy we are pairing Gendry to the other grape of Burgundy, the noble and unacknowledged Aligoté. It's a dry white wine with a cult following.

The Vale and Chardonnay

We think if Lysa Arryn hadn't been pushed through a moon door she'd be sitting on her throne uninvolved sipping an elegant Stone & Glass Chardonnay and complaining about how Littlefinger doesn't pay her enough attention. We are convinced the elegant Knights of the Vale probably carry a few hundred oak barrels of California Chardonnay wherever they go.

Westerlands and Cabernet

No one really cares about Casterly Rock anymore, including the Lannisters. It's dried up of its gold, but it's still a west coast land full of hills and valleys. We think Longchase Cabernet from California is the closest thing to Lannisport label wine you'll find.

The Riverlands and Rosé

This fertile region full of quarrelsome fisher folk has an understated elegance embodied by the uncompromising Catelyn Stark, also known as Lady Stoneheart to diehard book fans. Rosé wine has a gentle pink color, that comes from incorporating a hint of grape skin in the making. The roughness of the process leaves the wine seeming even more refined. If you fly the banners of House Tully and are mourning the Blackfish wondering where the heck Edmure is, sip a little Racine Rosé, a dry wine with delicious minerality.

The Iron Islands and Tannat

You've never heard of this grape, we know. But it's big, dark and full of tannins. Historically from France, it is considered the national grape of Uruguay. As Jon Snow tells Theon, "you don't have to choose". It's both French and Uruguayan. Tannat is only for the interminable and brave of heart. What is dead may never die—it just rides the waves drinking 2016 Sierra Trails Tannat.