Get To Know: Malbec

The Marvelous Flavors of Malbec

Malbec is the perfect choice for red wine lovers who are looking for an exciting new wine option. With smooth, rich notes of dark fruit and a smoky finish, Malbec is a delicious alternative to better-known reds like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. Plus, it's a wonderful complement to some dishes that are harder to pair with red wine.

The Malbec Origin Story

Dark, thick-skinned Malbec grapes originated in France's historic Bordeaux and Cahors regions in Southwest France, where it was traditionally grown as a blending grape. However, most of the French Malbec vines died in the late 1800s due to pests and disease. Meanwhile, the vines that had made their way to South America flourished, making Argentina the new home of Malbec. The popularity of Argentinian Malbec led to the grape's rise around the world, eventually leading to a resurgence back in its native Southwest France.

Ancient Roots in France

Known for earthy and savory flavors of currant and black plum, today French Malbec is mostly grown in Southwest France. It was traditionally a blending grape that gave structure and color to red blends. Today, Malbec is celebrated for its smooth tannins and easy-drinking fruity notes, which you'll find in many of the varieties from Southwest France.

A New World Discovery

Malbec was first planted in Argentina in the mid-1800s and began thriving in the climate there. Today, 75% of the world's Malbec is grown in Argentina. Like many "New World" wines, Malbec from Argentina tends to be fruit forward, with ripe notes of blackberry, cherry, and cocoa, and a full palate.

How to Enjoy Malbec

Unlike some red wines, Malbec can be a delicious pairing to leaner red meats. It also does well with more rustic flavors like mushrooms and spices. In addition, roasted vegetables or stuffed peppers can be perfect with this wine.

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