Red Wines for Winding Down Summer

Savor the rest of the season's sunsets and warm evenings with an easygoing glass of red wine. This transitional time of end-of-summer yet not-quite-fall calls for wines that are light and medium-bodied. Or, if you're ready for fuller, bolder wines, we have the perfect recommendations to take your into autumn.

Ultimate Barbecue

Trying to squeeze every last outdoor moment out of summer? Fire up the barbecue and get your burgers and dogs going while you pour a little Pinot Noir. For California selections try the esteemed Napa neighboring town of Clarksburg with 2017 Lone Cardinal Lodi Pinot Noir or slightly further south town of Lodi with 2015 OM Clarksburg Pinot Noir. As one of the world’s oldest grapes, Pinot is planted around the world so you can also try our Pinot Noir selections from renowned regions across France, Chile, and even New Zealand.

Sunday Sports Pairings

Whether you’re tailgating at the stadium or kicking back in front of a big screen, we know there are light appetizers on the menu. Try pairing them to a light to medium bodied wine, such as the complex and fruity Zinfandel. We feature the esteemed 2017 Sierra Trails Old Vine Zinfandel made from grapes from one of California’s oldest Zin plantings and the 2017 El Portal Vineyard Select Zinfandel, both full of red and black fruit notes that go well with tangy ribs or spicy wings. For something more bold go for the beautiful taste of Syrah, which is high in its own antioxidants.

Endless Summer Plates

Summer often means light plates on the porch or seasonal salads with fresh greens and fruit from the garden. We love pairing your prosciutto and fig snacks or strawberry salad with a slightly fuller read wine, like the bouncy beautiful taste of a red like Grenache, like our Spanish 2016 Nebla Old Vine Garnacha or 2017 Roche Grenache Noir from France.


Almost Autumn Evenings

When you want to watch the sun go down and the final few fireflies of summer come out we recommend red wines with flavor notes as ripe as the last fruits of summer. Merlot is always overflowing with elegant berries and plum notes, so try 2017 OM from Monterey, California or 2017 La Référence Merlot from Pays d’Oc, France.