A Regional Look at Lodi

Welcome to Lodi, one of California’s most exciting wine regions! Haven’t heard of it? While Sonoma and Napa Valley tend to take the spotlight, Lodi is home to all of California’s leading varietals and produces more grapes than any other winemaking region in the state.

Located between the San Francisco Bay and Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lodi is often referred to as “the Zinfandel capital of the world.” Best known for its red wines with bold, fruit flavor, Lodi also hosts diverse grape varieties and has garnered international acclaim for its experimental winemaking.

Ready to take a delicious wine adventure off the beaten path?

Grape Origins & Distinctive Flavor

Grapes are at the heart of Lodi’s history, as vines grew wild along the riverbanks, thriving in fine, sandy soil.

Winemakers began cultivating these wild grapes in the mid 1800s, uncovering the bold, intense flavor and silky texture that has become the hallmark of Lodi Zinfandels. Some of Lodi’s “old growth” Zinfandel vineyards are over a century old with plantings that still yield high-quality fruit! Lodi-grown Zinfandels typically range from medium to full-bodied with rich fruit flavors such as raspberry and blackberry.

Room to Grow

While Zinfandel put Lodi on the map, the region is also considered California’s best kept secret for Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Sauvignon Blanc. Lodi is the largest appellation in the state with more than 110,000 acres of vineyards.

A plethora of grapes from around the world have found a home In Lodi, nourished by its loamy soil and mild year-round temperatures.

You’ll find more than 125 different varieties planted in the region, including rare finds (like Italian Vermentino and Aglianico) along with grapes from Spain, Portugal, Germany, and France.

Raising the Bar

Like its grapes, the Lodi winemaking community is diverse. Across 85+ wineries, there’s mix of multigenerational families committed to continuing California’s heritage along with a new crop of growers looking to experiment.

These passionate winemakers are embracing different grape varieties and raising Lodi wines to new heights. In fact, Lodi is considered to be the most experimental wine region in North America!

Sustainable Vision

With more than 25,000 acres certified as sustainable, the region is leading the industry in environmentally-friendly farming practices.

Lodi Rules was created here; this comprehensive certification program encourages sustainable growing practices that benefit the environment and community. Even wineries outside the region have adapted Lodi Rules’ rigorous set of standards.

The Lodi Experience

From its beginnings as a farming community, Lodi has evolved to become a quality wine-producing region. Built on hard work and passion with a friendly, down-to-earth attitude, the local wine scene is flourishing.

Venture to any of Lodi’s tasting rooms or estates and you’ll receive a warm welcome. The annual ZinFest Wine Festival is a wine lover’s paradise, celebrating more than 200 unique Lodi varietals with tastings and entertainment.

Keep an eye on this unique region. We can’t wait to see what Lodi winemakers will come up with next!