We can't get enough of Rosé and we aren't the only ones—everywhere we look people are sipping pink wine. Though we are fierce advocates of the idea Rosé should be enjoyed year round, there is something about this refreshing drink with its charming pink hue that evokes summer. Whether you're planning a pool party or dinner alfresco, we've got great ideas on how to get even more out of this popular wine.

Rosé Smoothie
What we love about this recipe is that it's super versatile. You can throw in any fruit you want! We suggest pairing your mixed fruity medley to the tasting notes of the Rosé you choose so they complement one another. 

We used:
- 2017 Racine Côtes de Provence Rosé
- Handful of peaches, mango, and lychee (fresh or frozen)
- Top off with ice and blend to get a lovely smoothie texture
- Pour into a glass, add a slice of mango to the rim for garnish (and a drink umbrella if you're feeling festive) and enjoy!

Rosé Sangria
If you're hosting a summer get-together and have a fresh pitcher (or two) of homemade Rosé sangria on hand you will become everyone's favorite friend. You'll need a yummy Rosé (this is where we come in).

We used:
- 2016 Villa Ruby Caresse de Rosé (with its notes of red berries, peaches, and lychee)
- Place cut up strawberries, peaches and whole raspberries into a pitcher
- Pour the entire bottle of Rosé on top of fruit and add lemon juice for a nice citrus twist
- If you're looking for a little extra sweetness, add fine sugar or strawberry purée
- Put that baby in the fridge and let all those delicious ingredients mix and mingle for at least a couple hours and up to overnight
- Add seltzer water just prior to serving
- Pour over ice and garnish glass with a strawberry wedge on the rim and a sprig of mint. Cheers!