Shh! This is Bordeaux's Biggest Secret...

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  • • From historic Bordeaux, France, where sumptuous red wines regularly cost hundreds of dollars per bottle
  • • Awarded Best in Class honors and a 94-point Platinum Medal from one of the United States' few elite Master Sommeliers
  • • From a 96-point Bordeaux vintage, according to Wine Enthusiast
  • • Yours for a shockingly low price, by exclusive arrangement with a coalition of family-run French wineries
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Our stock of Platinum Medal-winning 2015 Bordeaux is running low, and we're giving Wine Insiders customers the exclusive opportunity to get the last few bottles for a special low price.

Quality wine from this prestigious French region often retails for hundreds of dollars. Read on to find out how, for a limited time, you can enjoy Bordeaux wine for far less.

The Insider's secret about France's most prestigious wine region

France's Bordeaux wine region is a land of secrets...from the vineyard techniques that are quietly passed down through generations, to the stories hidden in the region's beautiful stone castles and historic châteaux.

These are the secrets that make Bordeaux one of a tiny handful of wine regions where connoisseurs literally line up every year to invest in a new vintage's wine, paying hundreds of dollars per bottle up front, before they even get to taste it.

Yes, Bordeaux wines are known for being very expensive, but that brings us to the biggest secret of all: Wine Insiders customers like you don't have to spend a fortune to drink amazing, competition-topping wine from this exclusive region.

"I was seriously impressed with wines from dozens of châteaux, and not just the most prestigious ones. The best...are lush, silky textured, and elegant; with fresh, fragrant fruit..."

That's award-winning wine journalist Elin McCoy applauding the 2015 Bordeaux vintage in Bloomberg.

2015 was a dramatic year for Bordeaux. In an Old World region like Bordeaux, the terroir–the way that the weather and soil combine to nurture the grapes on the vine–plays a major role in the quality of that year's wine.

In 2015, Bordeaux experienced a hot early summer and an excruciatingly long four months of drought. Just when winemakers were starting to bite their nails in worry, rain fell from the sky in time to save the undernourished grapes. The temperatures fell with the rain, and a cool September and October gave the grapes the time they needed to fully ripen, creating a vintage that John Salvi of Decanter calls, "A more than fine vintage; in the hands of the best winemakers it was superb and in the hands of the artists it was truly great!"

Every year's harvest yields a limited amount of wine, and this may be your last chance to taste Bordeaux wine from the celebrated 2015 vintage.

It takes a truly great wine to win a Platinum Medal

In the United States, only 164 people have gone through a rigorous training process and passed one of the most difficult tests in the world to become Master Sommeliers. In 2017, one of these rare wine experts joined winemakers, wine critics, and other wine industry professionals to judge the 2017 Monterey International Wine Competition.

This is where 2015 Secrets de Bordeaux Rouge topped the other wines in its category to win Best in Class, Best French Bordeaux, 94-point Platinum Medal.

The judges' notes say that 2015 Secrets de Bordeaux Rough, "...represents great value from the region, and will do very well in the cellar. ...get a case and try it over the next 6 years to enjoy its development.

"It has all you could want in a wine." - Rose, 5-star review,

We were lucky to get our allotment of 2015 Secrets de Bordeaux from Producta Vignobles, a cooperative of 2,500+ family winemakers who have been producing wines in Bordeaux since 1949, sharing the richness of the region's legendary wines with each vintage.

2015 Secrets de Bordeaux is made from grapes grown in the same soil and terroir as Bordeaux vineyards that produce 100-point wines. Since it was grown just outside of certain antiquated borders that were created in the 19th century, you can access this wine for a fraction of the price of other Bordeaux.

Follow the advice of Master Sommelier–one of the country's foremost wine experts–and stock your shelf with this prestigious, competition-topping Bordeaux. Think of it as a small investment that will pay off every time you open a bottle for your guests and taste the delicious, nuanced ways that this wine has aged.

The secret is out! Enjoy an exclusive price on this Best in Class Bordeaux wine before supplies run out.

Click here to see what Alexis Fourault shares about this amazing wine. Click below to see how you can get your own exclusive allotment of Platinum Medal-winning 2015 Secrets de Bordeaux with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and no further commitment. Our supplies are extremely limited, so act now before our cellar empties out.