Spectacular Sparkling Wines

It’s lovely during the New Year’s countdown or splashed into a mimosa at brunch, but delicate bubbles and mild notes of golden fruit make sparkling wine a treat for any occasion. Not sure where to start? Pop open this handy guide to our best bubbly.

Let the fun bubble over

Technically, Champagne can only be made east of Paris in France’s Champagne region. Lucky for everyone who loves fizzy fun, refreshing sparking wine is made throughout Europe.

Cava Brut – Spain

Cava Brut is the best bet for people looking to experience the elegance of Champagne for an approachable price. Like Champagne, Cava is aged on lees—its residual yeast—giving it a subtly nutty feel.

Prosecco – Italy

Probably the most popular alternative to Champagne, Italian Prosecco has a light and bright feel with fresh floral overtones due to the Charmat method of tank aging.

Crémant – France

If it’s a French sparkler that’s made like Champagne, but not made in Champagne, it’s probably called Crémant. Sip it and enjoy a frothy necklace of bubbles at the top of your pour.

Bubble entendre

Sparkling wine starts out like any other wine. The grapes are picked a little early for peak acidity, then fermented and made into a base wine. The carbonation takes place during a second fermentation process where yeast and sugar are added to the wine. As the yeast eats the sugar, the bubbles are formed. For Champagne and Cava, this second fermentation traditionally happens in the bottle. For Prosecco, it takes place in a tank before bottling.

Go beyond brunch

Sparkling wine pairs with a surprising amount of food. Here are some of our favorite unexpected pairings:

- Pour it with sushi so its bubbles mingle with the fish’s fresh flavors

- Let the bubbles match the crunch of a piece of crispy fried chicken

- Balance rich and mild eggs with light bubbles

- Sip and refresh after a bite of buttered popcorn

- And don’t forget creamy cheese, seafood, and fruity desserts

Our best bubbly

Pop open our top sparkling wines next time you want to turn a regular evening into a special occasion.

Abbazia Moscato Rosé Dolce


With a lovely pink hue, this light and fruity Italian sparkler is perfect with your favorite sweet treat

Gold Medal, 2017 International Eastern Wine Competition

Enjoy with: trifle, fruit tarts

El Macho Cava


Fresh Spanish sparkler that thrills Champagne-lovers with its dry profile

Best Cava, 92-point Gold Medal, 2017 Monterey International Wine Competition

Enjoy with: artichokes, paella

Abbazia Asti Spumante D.O.C.G.


Sweet sparkling wine with floral aromas and succulent flavors, from the culinary capital of Italy

93-point Gold Medal, 2016 San Francisco International Wine Competition

92-point Gold Medal, 2018 Monterey International Wine Competition

Enjoy with: desserts, fruit salad