Spring Wine Guide

3 Wines You Should Be Sipping This Spring

If you're as excited about spring as we are, then you're already thinking about all the great wines to drink this season! The sun is coming out more and the days are warming up, so we're overjoyed to finally bust open the fridge and start pouring all those refreshing, chilled, spring-worthy wines.

To help you discover the best bottles of the season, we've made a list of the 3 essential types of wine for your springtime drinking–along with some exclusive Wine Insiders recommendations to uncork!

1. Keep It Fresh With #RoséAllDay

Nothing says spring like Rosé! When the sun's out and you're soaking it up on the porch, a refreshing Rosé is light enough to cool you down, and has just enough body to pair with a range of snacks and cheeses. With delicate strawberry, grapefruit, and rose notes, we love Spanish 2016 Velata Bobal/Grenache Rosé for enjoying over brunch foods or pairing with fresh salads and chicken.

2. Cool Down With Crisp Whites

The thing about spring is there can be cooler days, and then there can be HOT days. When that sunshine really starts to heat up, it's the perfect time for an ice-cold glass of white wine. We love turning to a crisp, citrus-noted Chardonnay on these days. Another perfect option: herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc with refreshing apple notes, like French 2017 De La Rougerie Sauvignon Blanc. It's just what the day calls for!

3. Pair Spring Meals with Elegant Reds

For those evenings when the weather cools down a bit, a nice medium- or light-bodied red–such as Pinot Noir, Grenache, or Sangiovese–is an excellent choice for enjoying with lighter spring fare or even heartier foods. Try something smooth and elegant like Cantus Rosso with your favorite tomato-based dishes. And if the night is a bit warm, it's ok to gently chill lighter-bodied wines–it will actually enhance their fruit notes!

Spring Into the Perfect Selection

Jump into the season with these perfectly spring-ready wines:

2016 Velata Bobal/Grenache


A delicate pink Spanish wine with abundant strawberry and cranberry notes.

2017 De La Rougerie Sauvignon Blanc


A lovely French white with refreshing apple and citrus notes.

2018 Cala De' Poeti Pinot Grigio I.G.T.


A crisp, zesty, and wonderfully refreshing Italian white wine.

Cantus Rosso


A smooth red from central Italy with fruity notes of raspberry and strawberry.

2017 Tres Arboles Reserve Carménère


An elegant Chilean red with touches of berry, plum, and chocolate.