Weeknight Wine Pairings: Summer Edit

As many wine lovers know, uncorking the right bottle can transform any everyday, run-of-the-mill weeknight dinner into something much more special. Whether it's that perfect pairing or simply a delicious addition to the table, a glass of wine can make any meal more enjoyable and memorable.

To help you level up all your weeknight meals this summer, we've put together some wine recommendations that will pair perfectly with a range of dinner foods. Read on to find out what to uncork with your go-to meal.

1. Chicken and Rice

For roasted or pan-fried chicken served with rice, we recommend uncorking a lighter yet flavorful wine like a Rosé, such as 2017 La Fea Garnacha Rosé Selección Especial. Rosé is perfect in this situation because it has enough intensity to match the flavors of roasted chicken, yet it is light enough to avoid overpowering the rice and any other delicate flavors in the meal.

2. Pasta Night

When you're throwing together a simple marinara pasta for dinner, a solid go-to wine choice is a versatile Italian red like 2016 Due Mari Chianti D.O.C.G. This food-friendly wine has fruity notes of cherry and raspberry to complement light tomato sauce and the acidity that comes with it. But, when you're serving a heartier pasta with meat or mushrooms, uncork a bolder wine such as 2018 Cantina Di Solopaca Aglianico I.G.P., with rich strawberry notes and silky tannins.

3. Spicy Takeout

When you reach for the phone (or delivery app) and order your usual spicy Chinese or Thai food, a good rule of thumb is to avoid oaky or tannic wines, which will be much too bitter or harsh when paired with spices. Instead, opt for something zippy with high acidity and strong aromatic notes, such as 2018 Due Mari Pinot Grigio I.G.T.

Weeknight Wine Pairings

Whether you're firing up the grill, throwing a garden party, or ordering your go-to takeout dish, we have the wine to pair perfectly with your weeknight meals.

2017 La Fea Garnacha Rosé Selección Especial


Fruity and floral Spanish Rosé, featured in USA Today.

2016 Due Mari Chianti D.O.C.G.


Make your next Italian meal a special one.

2018 Cantina Di Solopaca Aglianico I.G.P.


Nurtured by old vines in a 50-year-old Italian Farmers' cooperative.

2018 Due Mari Pinot Grigio I.G.T.


Pair your spice with something nice like this Italian Pinot Grigio.