Sweet Wine at a Sweet Price

Live the sweet life with these succulent selections.

From floral Italian Moscato to fruity French Rosé, our most succulent wines are far more than just a sweet treat. These delicious sweet wines come from the same established wineries and famous regions as our other reds and whites and will add a ton of fun and a touch of sophistication to a cocktail hour, dessert, or any time in-between.

Made for mouthwatering meals

Everyone knows that sweet wines are delicious with dessert. You can pour a chilled glass with anything from fresh fruit to rich chocolate cake, But why wait until the end of the meal to start enjoying these luscious wines?

Rosé is one of the most versatile food wines. Pour a glass of this pink perfection with anything from grilled meats, to crispy-fresh green salads, to gooey cheeses.

Serving something spicy? Moscato is your secret weapon. Think of this nectar-like white wine as a grown-up version of lemon-lime soda and drink it cold–even over ice–with smoky barbecue, enchiladas and other saucy Mexican classics, Indian or Thai curries, and our favorite: tangy Chinese takeout.

All of the indulgence...without all of the calories

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth with a low-calorie wine? Look no further than our Afternoon Delight Moscato. There's something magical about Afternoon Delight–and it's not just the unicorn on the label. At only 37.5 calories per serving, Afternoon Delight's delicious Moscato wines add guilt-free sparkle to your day without sacrificing any mouther-watering fruit flavor. Whether you're enjoying summer-inspired Wicked Watermelon Moscato, tart and tasty Alluring Apple Moscato, or one of the other succulent fruit flavors, Afternoon Delight wines pack plenty of fruit-infused fun into every sip making them perfect chilled on their own or splashed into a favorite cocktail.

Craving something sweet?

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