Earth Day Spotlight: Castellani Wines

Get to Know Our Earth Friendly Wines!

This Earth Day, we're highlighting some of our favorite wines produced with organic grapes by Italian winemaker Piergiorgio Castellani.

Meet Piergiorgio Castellani. He's a fourth-generation Italian winemaker, whose family's historic vineyards stretch out across Tuscany. His family has been exporting estate wines from their Tuscan home since 1903, crafting traditional wines that have been adored for generations. But he's not just a winemaker; he's also an advocate for environmentally friendly practices in winemaking.

"The quality of the wine begins in the vineyard," says Castellani. And he lives and breathes his wines, even going so far as to build his home right in the middle of his vineyards. Living in the vineyard is one of the reasons why he chose to avoid using pesticides and grow organic grapes. He also believes in the mantra "we are what we eat," which he carries through to his winemaking practices.

Castellani produces several lines of wine, including the Due Mari and Cala De' Poeti labels available through Wine Insiders. In addition, his Arbos line of wines reflects his organic winemaking practices, with award-winning and delicious wines produced from organic grapes.

• 2015 Arbos Chianti D.O.C.G.: A velvety blend of Sangiovese, Ciliegolo, and Canaiolo grapes, bursting with notes of red berries and a slight smokiness on the finish.

• 2017 Arbos Pinot Grigio: A crisp white wine with straw yellow hues in the glass, and refreshing notes of apple, pear, and zesty citrus on the palate.

• Arbos Bianco: A versatile white wine made from a delightful blend of Riesling and Moscato, with smooth notes of jasmine, apricot, and peach.

All of Castellani's wines artfully meld his celebrated winemaking heritage with his environmentally conscious lifestyle, leading to delicious, highly drinkable wines.

Try Our Earth Friendly Wines!

Celebrate Earth Day with a selection of Italian bottles, featuring Castellani's Arbos wines made from organic grapes:

2015 Arbos Chianti D.O.C.G.


Made from organic Italian grapes.

2017 Arbos Pinot Grigio


Made from organic Italian grapes.

Arbos Bianco


Made from organic Italian grapes.