Valentine's Day Wine Pairings

Sexy, sinful... and scrumptious! Get romantic with these irresistible food and wine pairings.

The candles are lit, the music is low and your favorite person is coming by for the most romantic evening of the year. But what wine will you sip when things start to warm up? From rich chocolate to sweet strawberries, follow our simple guide for pairing perfection.


Valentine's Day and chocolate go together like... you and your significant other. When pairing wine with chocolate, look for a juicy red wine that will complement the chocolate's sweetness, like a California Syrah.

Also enjoy: a dark and rich California red blend with hints of mocha, like 2016 Fog Harbor Red Blend


Oysters are rich in rare amino acids that increase the levels of sex hormones in your body. Get fresh with a plate of chilled raw oysters and a mild French white wine like Muscadet.

Also enjoy: floral 2017 Jean Boiselier Bourgogne Aligoté, a cult-classic Burgundy varietal.


The vitamin E in avocados can give your skin a special kind of glow, while their rich flavor is irresistible. Share a serving of guacamole and mix in some endorphin-stimulating hot peppers to heat things up even more.

Also enjoy: 2016 Cala De' Poeti Vermentino, a fresh and complex Italian white with carefree notes of peaches and herbs.


Strawberries are like candy hearts for grown-ups, and the only thing that can make them sweeter is a chilled glass of nectar-like Moscato wine.

Also enjoy: this fruity pink Italian sparkler Abbazia Moscato Rosé Dolce is a Gold Medal-winning customer favorite that is perfect with your favorite sweet treat.

You'll Looove These Wines!

Get romantic with these Valentine-ready wines:

2017 Hayton Family Syrah


2017 Hayton Family Syrah is loaded with rich dark berry notes. Think of it as fruit preserves inside your chocolate candy.

2017 Les Anges Muscadet Sèvre et Maine A.O.C.


2017 Les Anges Muscadet Sèvre et Maine A.O.C. has refreshing hints of citrus and a slight salinity that is delicious with seafood.

2016 La Cabane aux Oiseaux Bordeaux Blanc


Made from zesty Sauvignon Blanc, 2016 La Cabane aux Oiseaux Bordeaux Blanc is a sophisticated white wine with generous layers of citrus that are like an extra squeeze of lime for your guac.

Villa Amoroso Moscato Vino Dolce


Gold Medal-winning Villa Amoroso Moscato Vino Dolce is fun, fruity, and floral. Drop a ripe strawberry in your glass to take it to the next level.