Weeknight Wine Pairings: Mid-Summer Edit

When you’ve had a long day and haven’t even considered “what’s for dinner?”, yet you know you’ll be opening a bottle of wine at home… Weekdays can be hectic, we get it!

Make weeknight meals a little easier while enjoying great-tasting wines. These perfect pairings require minimal effort while delivering maximum deliciousness! Here are 3 simple summertime supper ideas:

Bring out Burgers

    There’s a reason that juicy, mouth-watering burgers are a summertime staple—they just hit the spot! Fire up the grill and uncork a vibrant, light-bodied red like Villa Amoroso Nero d'Avola I.G.T. This wine’s sultry finish and notes of blackberry, sweet spice, and smoke complement the flavors of the grill.

    Another easy-drinking choice is 2017 Cuvée Joëlle Malbec et Merlot with a blend of classic French grapes that tastes phenomenal with bacon cheeseburgers!


    Serve Lemon Chicken

      Another simple yet scrumptious dinner idea is grilled chicken with an herbed lemon rub. This crowd-pleasing dish calls for a light white wine with a bit of acidity. Enter 2017 Spencer Family Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc with a mouth-quenching tartness that’s wonderfully refreshing for summer.

      Or try 2017 Fog Harbor Chardonnay, a buttery, quintessential California white with ripe notes that mimic lemon meringue pie—mmm!


      Toss Together Salmon Salad

        A bed of greens topped with herbed salmon is just lovely when served with a cold glass of 2017 Racine Côtes de Provence Rosé. With hints of lychee, apricot, and even rose petals, this delightfully crisp Rosé perfectly complements fresh fish. You may also want to reach for a smooth, light red, like 2017 Lone Cardinal Lodi Pinot Noir, with fruit and spice notes that hold up to the smokiness of grilled salmon.

        Hungry yet? Get prepped for the week with our Mid-Summer Weeknight Wine Pairings!

        Villa Amoroso Nero d'Avola I.G.T


        Offers flavors of blackberry, plum, sweet spice, and smoke, with a sultry finish.

        Cuvée Joëlle Malbec et Merlot


        Your bacon cheeseburger's French best friend.

        Spencer Family Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc


        The palate is clean and refreshing, with mouth quenching tartness.

        Fog Harbor Chardonnay


        A glass of this wine is like drinking your grandma’s lemon meringue pie.

        Racine Côtes de Provence Rosé


        Let the flavors of lychee, peach, and mango dance across your tongue.

        Lone Cardinal Lodi Pinot Noir


        This bright and aromatic California red takes flight in the glass with notes of cherry, cranberry, and cola.