Why You Should Buy Wine Online

We all know that feeling: you're having a small get-together, or just trying to find a good wine for dinner, and you take a trip to your local grocery store's wine aisle. You find yourself overwhelmed with so many options to choose from, but there's not a lot of information on the wines offered. Which wines are good for their price point? What are the reviews? How does bottle A compare to bottle B and other similar selections? Will this wine pair well with the meal it's meant to be served with? These common questions are good questions, but they almost certainly won't have answers in the grocery store.

The lack of information in retail stores has led to consumers choosing wine based on the physical traits of the bottle. A survey completed by wine.net, found that 82% of people choose wine based on the design of the label, followed by bottle shape.

Obviously, this is not a great method for choosing the right wine, and often leads to you feeling overwhelmed and sometimes frustrated. This is why many wine lovers are now turning to shopping online for their favorite varietals.

The information available online is far more substantial and backed by a community of wine lovers who leave informative tasting reviews. Take our 2017 Burke Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon: it has 16 reviews with 4.5 stars, and a detailed product page that includes food pairings, tasting notes, awards won and winemaker information.

However, the best aspect of buying wine online is by far the price. When you buy wine from your local grocery store or beverage store, you are supporting a franchise that incurs huge operating costs typical of brick and mortar stores, they rely on huge marketing budgets for advertising and in-store marketing, which is passed on to you in the cost of the bottle. When all is said and done, often times you'll end up paying $30 for a bottle that had an initial cost of $10.

When you shop at Wine Insiders, you cut out all these markups. Instead, wine is shipped directly to you. As a result, we are able to offer the same quality wines at far more reasonable prices, which hold true to the actual value of the wine. So when the wine arrives at your door you're not only getting great wine but you're getting it at a great price too.


Take our 2016 Haut Vignac Merlot as an example. It's one of our top-rated sellers with 26 reviews, over 4.5 stars, and 3 different awards for taste. Its traditional retail price is $17.99, but our Insider Price offers it for only $11.99. That's a savings of roughly 33% for the buyer, something you would never find at your local grocery store because of how much markup is typically found in retail.

Another option online is the ability to order our wine sets; they're the perfect option for tasting a variety of wines or buying a gift. Let's say you grill out frequently and would like to be able to pair some great wines with whatever it is you're grilling. You could order our Flavor-Packed Grilling Wines Half-Case set. For $66.94, you can receive 6 great wines, chosen by our wine experts, that pair exceptionally well with any grilled foods. Wine is always best when accompanied with the proper food!

Overall, buying wine online allows wine-lovers to access unparalleled levels of information about the wines they are considering, while at the same time offering the best prices. Plus, it all comes with the convenience of having the wines show up on your doorstep. No hassle, no frustration, and no guessing are all aspects of buying wine online. All of this, and saving money, make buying wine online truly the only way to buy wine. Give it a try today. We're sure you will be pleased you did.