Borriquito Red Sangria

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  • Borriquito Red Sangria
  • Borriquito Red Sangria
    Varietal Red Blend
    Type Bottle
    ABV 6.0
    Country Spain
    From Spain’s Southeastern Coast comes a crisp, fruity red wine complemented by citrus notes and a lasting finish. Our Borriquito Red Sangria is structured with a hint of natural sweetness, making for an ideal refreshment during those balmy summer months. The vineyards of these grape varietals are watered and dried naturally by the Mediterranean climate. Chalky clay soils give the grapes intense fruit flavors and a concentrated ruby hue. Using traditional vinification methods, red grapes are carefully selected and combined with natural aromas and sugars during winemaking. This results in pleasantly aromatic orange and lemon notes on the nose. On the palate, flavors are sweet and spicy with rich orange, lemon, and cinnamon notes. You’ll enjoy a long finish with every sip. This wine is best served between 3 and 6ºC to bring out its more delicate aromas and flavors. Add frozen fruit and ice to make this sangria even more refreshing. This red sangria is the perfect laidback sipper for hot summer days. Pair with saffron rice and chicken, like in the Spanish dish paella, for a hearty yet light flavor complement.

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