Wine Insiders: 40 Years of Better Wine, Delivered

2022 marks the 40th Anniversary of Wine Insiders, and we’re raising a glass to everyone who’s helped make this special community of wine lovers what it is today.

From our partners in wineries across the globe to the tastemakers sharing our passion for wonderful wine—and of course, you. Thanks for being here—cheers!

Our Celebrity Partners & Tasting Panelists

Expert curation from those who believe great wine is best enjoyed with great food and in great company.

Chef Timothy Hollingsworth

Chef Timothy Hollingsworth

The LA-based restaurateur knows how sharing bottles brings people together.

Chef Ludo Lefebvre

Chef Ludo Lefebvre

The acclaimed author and TV personality brings his French-inspired approach to the table.

Sommelier Chris Hoel

Sommelier Chris Hoel

His impeccable taste is just right for making the perfect pairing suggestions.

Under The Cork: Insider Stories

Our team members are dedicated to bringing you wonderful wine and a great shopping experience. Get to know some of the people behind the scenes where sipping and sampling is sometimes just part of the job!

The Ultimate Wine Insider Contest

A winner has been chosen! Drum roll please—the first-ever Ultimate Wine Insider is…  

Wine Insiders Ruby Collection

Discover gems from premier regions with limited-edition wines crafted just for the occasion. The Ruby Collection is named after the precious gemstone, also given as a traditional 40th anniversary gift. 

It All Began in 1982

The brand has come a long way from delivering wine out of a fondue restaurant by taxicab in downtown Chicago. Take a stroll down memory lane to our humble beginnings.