Serving Wine Successfully

Want to make the most out of every bottle of wine that you open? Follow these simple serving tips to highlight your wine’s delicious flavors!


Uncorking : Open With Ease

Tired of breaking corks or accidentally pushing them into the bottle? Here’s how to open your wine with ease:

• Twist the corkscrew’s spiral into the middle of the cork until only one curl is showing

• Wedge the middle of the lever onto the top of the bottle to begin pulling out the cork

• Use the end of the lever to finish popping out the cork

• We suggest uncorking your wine a few minutes early to air it out before serving!


Decanting : Get Even Smoother Flavors

To aerate your wine and make its flavors even smoother, decant it by pouring it into a glass pitcher before serving. While complex red wines benefit from an hour in the pitcher, even just a few minutes will help, especially if you give it a swirl.


Glassware : Raise 3 Glasses

It’s best to have these three types of glasses for your wine:

FOR REDS: a wider glass brings out the wine’s rich aromas

FOR WHITES: a narrower glass helps keep the wine chilled

FOR SPARKLING: a narrow flute helps preserve the wine’s bubbles