2016 Vigouroux Selectionne Par Bourgogne Aligoté

Well-balanced Burgundy white


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Our Vigouroux Sélectionné Bourgogne Aligoté is a well-balanced white wine with bright yellow colors. The wine is fruity and fresh on the nose with a bouquet of apple, citrus, and flowers, and it is lively and fruit-forward on the palate. Made in Burgundy, this wine uses the somewhat unusual Aligoté grape.

This wine is produced across the entire Burgundy region. As it’s made, it is vinified in stainless steel tanks, and then bottled. Bourgogne Aligoté keeps its youth and freshness for 2-3 years, but can be enjoyed young as well. Aligoté has gained and earned its cult following amongst wine-lovers looking to expand from the Burgundy region’s Chardonnay, and have found their new favorite in Aligoté.

Vigouroux Sélectionné Bourgogne Aligoté is the perfect match for grilled fish, oysters, and goat cheese. In addition, its balanced lightness ensures that it does not overpower the delicate flavors in salads, tabbouleh, or steamed vegetables.

Winery Georges Vigouroux
Varietal Aligoté
Year 2016
Type Dry
ABV 12.5% ABV
Country France

Awards (1)

Award Medal Winner

Silver 2019 The Toast of the Coast Wine Competition

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