2018 Cala De' Poeti Pinot Grigio I.G.T.

2018 Cala De' Poeti Pinot Grigio I.G.T.

Crisp, zesty, and quintessentially Italian


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2018 Cala de’ Poeti Pinot Grigio is a quintessentially crisp Italian white that draws in the drinker with a fresh bouquet of apple, peach, and hawthorn. This zesty white wine catches the eye with greenish reflections in the glass, and a label that features original art from the Castellani winemaking family’s Tenuta di Ceppaiano retreat. Serve ice cold with white meats and fish to highlight its refreshing nature.

Winery Castellani S.p.A
Varietal Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris
Year 2018
Type Dry
Country Italy

Awards (1)

Award Medal Winner

Bronze 2019 Indy International Wine Competition

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