2018 River's End Syrah

A rapturous river of red and black fruit


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Our River’s End Syrah offers medium to full-bodied beauty, hailing from the Santa Clara Valley of California. It offers flavor notes ranging from black cherry and ripe raspberry to lavender and rosemary. This wine’s fruit forward nature is also peppered with hints of caramel and vanilla, making it an exceptionally complex and sophisticated red.

The Santa Clara Valley is known for its winemaking tradition, and it played a significant role in the early history of the wine industry in California. Its climate is somewhat warmer than the surrounding area and features soils of loam, clay and sandstone, making it ideal for wine production, especially when fruit notes are desired. The region’s climate and unique features result in a Syrah that is complex and subtle while maintaining the region’s fruit-forward characteristics.

We recommend pairing our River’s End Syrah with your boldest barbecue dishes, though it will go wonderfully with any red meat entreé.

Winery River's End Winery
Varietal Syrah/Shiraz
Year 2018
Type Dry
ABV 13.2% ABV
Country United States

Awards (1)

Award Medal Winner

Gold 2019 The Orange County Fair Commercial Wine Competition

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