2019 Maison Louis Girard Beaujolais-Villages

2019 Maison Louis Girard Beaujolais-Villages

Silky Red Similar to Pinot Noir


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2019 Maison Louis Girard Beaujolais-Villages is a juicy, light-bodied French Gamay. This red is a must-try for those who enjoy uncorking Pinot Noir with meals.

Deep red in color, this wine opens with delicate aromas, primarily red and black fruits. It is full and rounded on the palate with silky tannins and subtle earthy notes. Composed of 100% Gamay (or Gamay Noir) grapes, this variety is considered a cousin of Pinot Noir. Similar to how Pinot Noir is notoriously food-friendly, this red will get along with many dishes.

Most of the world’s Gamay is produced in Beaujolais in Eastern France. This wine hails from just north of Beaujolais in Beaujolais-Villages, a hilly appellation where grapes are nurtured to peak ripeness by bright sunshine and dry, warm winds.

2019 Maison Louis Girard Beaujolais-Villages is presented by Castel Frères, a notable French wine producer. Founded in 1949, Castel Frères represents three generations of historic know-how with familial character. Committed to its French winegrowing heritage, Castel Frères showcases winemaking expertise with quality wines produced in vineyards across France.

This versatile red complements chicken dumplings, stuffed cabbage with lamb, spicy tuna roll, and grilled salmon. It’s also great with soft cheeses, olive tapenade, and roasted eggplant.

Flavor Notes

  • Red fruits
  • Black fruits
  • Flowers

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