Lulu Le Français Rosé France Canned 4-Pack

Summery French Rosé in a Can


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Varietal Rosé
Style Dry
Alcohol 12% ABV
Country France
Region Pays d'Oc
Flavor Notes Raspberry, Strawberry, Flowers

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Enjoy refreshing Rosé in a can with Lulu Le Français Rosé. Delightfully easy-sipping, this 4-pack of 250-ML canned wines is perfect for packing in a cooler for the beach or pool where glass bottles aren’t an option.

Pop the tab and take in aromas and flavors of fresh-picked raspberries and strawberries with hints of delicate florals. The palate is deliciously juicy with tart acidity, leaving a thirst-quenching finish.

Carefully selected grapes were grown on gentle slopes in Pays d’Oc in the South of France. Pays d’Oc benefits from a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers tempered by humidity and cooling sea breezes. These conditions allow vineyards to produce aromatic, flavorful grapes that are expressive of the region’s high-quality terroir.

A fan-favorite brand, Lulu pays homage to the easygoing essence of the South of France, where life is sweet and sunny. Adorned with a boater hat and espadrille, the label is a nod to seaside-inspired French fashion.

Best served chilled, Lulu Le Français Rosé is enjoyable on its own or paired with grilled chicken and vegetables, light salads, and either raw or cooked seafood.

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This wine is featured in Episode 9 - Grilling and Fathers with Tim Hollingsworth of our podcast.

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