8 Best Wine Pairings for Gorgonzola Cheese

Gorgonzola’s known for its striking blue streaks, sharp flavors, and subtle sweetness.

For the blue cheese lovers among us, it elevates many of our favorite crunchy salads, juicy burgers, and creamy pasta dishes. 

Unfortunately, Gorgonzola is rarely a go-to when it comes to wine and charcuterie night. Its bold nature and moldy appearance leave many newbies settling for familiar (though admittedly delicious) cheeses like brie and manchego. 

Let’s change that.

Learn all about the intricacies of this Italian blue and find out which vino you should reach for on your next culinary experience with Gorgonzola. 

How Gorgonzola Cheese is Made

Is Gorgonzola Blue Cheese?

Yup! Gorgonzola is an Italian member of the cow’s milk blue cheese family, along with international companions Stilton and Roquefort. 

Blue cheese derives its signature bold flavors and hues due to penicillin. This edible mold morphs as the cheese ages, eventually taking on the blue-green veining that creates that signature, mouthwatering aroma.

Now, let’s talk about the flavors of Gorgonzola vs blue cheese.

The flavor profile of any blue cheese is complex and intense. In a hunk of great Gorgonzola, the flavors are typically on the milder side. Salty and earthy undertones round out a rich, rewarding chewing experience.

Gorgonzola often comes in bold, crumbly texture known as mountain variety Gorgonzola. Though there are creamy, sweet Gorgonzolas as well, often referred to as Gorgonzola dolce.

This bodacious blue is a designated product of Italy. Legally, this means that any Gorgonzola you buy must originate from the Lombardy region of northern Italy, home to the town of Gorgonzola.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of this Italian blue, let’s dive into some prime wine pairings for your next hunk of spicy, subtly sweet Gorgonzola!

  1. Malbec

Ask any sommelier for a great Gorgonzola pairing, and chances are Malbec might be the first varietal to leave their mouths.

This medium to full-bodied and beautifully bold red wine is the perfect complementary match to the intense flavor profile of Gorgonzola. A complex and aromatic bouquet of dark fruits and tobacco is matched with secondary notes of cocoa and leather.

This rich and layered sipping experience is exactly what the doctor ordered, elevating every bite of this Italian blue cheese to new heights.

If you want the best Malbec for your Gorgonzola, look for a bottle that’s undergone oak aging for an even richer flavor profile.

  1. Moscato

Moscato is often cited as one of the premier pairs for Gorgonzola due to its sweet flavor profile. 

This delicate white marks a fruity departure from some of the more intense options on this list, like Cabernet Sauvignon and Port. That acidic, aromatic fruitiness that makes up a bright Moscato beautifully contrasts the funky aromas of Gorgonzola.

  1. Port

If you don’t yet have a bottle of port in your cellar or wine cabinet, your next hunk of Gorgonzola offers you a great opportunity to stock up.

The intensity of fortified wine like Port makes a complex, complementary match to Gorgonzola and similar blue cheese types.

You can either go with vintage or tawny. If you’d like a softer, more relaxed culinary experience, go with a tawny port. These oak-aged ports lean more heavily on toasty notes of almond and wood.

If, instead, you’d like to maximize the bold flavors on your palate, then opt for a vintage port. The intense flavors of vintage Gorgonzola will form a power couple with even your most pungent and powerful strains of Gorgonzola.

Slices of Garbanzo Cheese
  1. Cabernet Sauvignon

This classic full-bodied red is quite similar to Malbec, though it often comes with more intense flavors and robust tannins. This makes a complex Cab and a hunk of Gorgonzola an ideal option for those seeking a layered sipping experience.

If you do pour yourself a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, reach for a particularly bold plate of Gorgonzola or even another strong blue like Roquefort. The sweeter and more subtle the cheese, the more likely is to be overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of the red wine.

  1. Sauternes

It’s no coincidence that Sauternes is one of the go-to Gorgonzola pairings.

This sweet, white dessert wine bursts with succulent fruits like apricots, pomegranate, and peach. Subtle nutty notes are joined by rich honey tones to round out a rewarding sipping experience designed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

This duo takes full advantage of contrasting food pairing techniques, balancing out bold Gorgonzola with the short and sweet finish of Sauternes.

It’s not only one of the best pairings for seasoned Gorgonzola lovers, but it’s also a tantalizing introduction to wine and cheese pairings even if you’re new to the world of blue.

  1. Chardonnay

What else can you say about Chardonnay?

This classic white varietal is one of the top pairings for many bold cheese types due to its incredibly versatile nature. Oaked Chardonnay elevates the sweet notes of Gorgonzola dolce, while unoaked Chardonnay contrasts the pungent aromas of mountain Gorgonzola.

If you’re seeking a bit of citrus with your hunk of cheese, you can’t go wrong with Chard.

  1. Prosecco

Sure, sparkling wine is great for bold kinds of cheese. But, let’s put down that Champagne. Instead, seek out an all-Italian pairing with this sparkling wine originating from Veneto.

With a dry body and bright effervescence, Prosecco is the perfect bottle of bubbly for bold Gorgonzola. The light nature of sparkling wine coaxes out the subtle flavors locked within this signature blue cheese, helping you open up new dimensions with every sip.

  1. Marsala

Marsala is often viewed only as a cooking wine. It’s high time that this complex Italian sipper got a bit of the spotlight.

Look towards a Gorgonzola dolce. This is a younger, mellower version of Gorgonzola that can be a delicious option for those without much experience with blue cheese.

The sweet, nutty flavors usually so subtle in other Gorgonzolas take center stage in Gorgonzola dolce — the soft, crumbly texture makes it a marvelous marsala pairing.

Gorgonzola Cheese Slice

Grow Fond of Gorgonzola With Wine Insiders

Maybe you’ve heard that Gorgonzola isn’t for everyone. You’ve heard wrong.

This crumbly Italian blue cheese comes in so many different shapes and sizes, there’s a hunk of ‘zola for everyone. It’s not only a tasty topper and savory snacker, but it’s also a beautiful blue cheese suited for dozens of different wine pairings.

Go for a complementary Gorgonzola cheese wine pairing like a Malbec or robust Cab, a contrasting pairing like Sauternes, or really any varietal you’re in the mood for. The only way to explore everything this Italian blue has to offer is to pair all your favorite wines with Gorgonzola.

Wine and cheese are such a perfect pairing, you’ll probably stumble into something new and unforgettable!

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While you’re munching and sipping away, browse our blog to learn more about the foundations of food and wine pairing and our tailor-made wine recommendations for your favorite kinds of cheese.