Great Wines for Grilling Season

Fire up the charcoals—it’s barbecue season!

Summer’s in full swing, and we’re serving up sizzling tips for great wines to complement your cookout. From easy-drinking reds to refreshing whites, these BBQ-ready wine and food pairings are perfect for patio lounging, pool parties, and outdoor fun all summer long.

Made for… Meats

When cookin’ up mouth-watering meats, you’ll want your wine to have flavors that can hold their own to the smokiness of the grill.

Bold reds are your best bets, like a smooth Malbec with summer-ready berry notes or a full-bodied Cabernet, a classic, meat-friendly choice. Reds’ rich fruit flavors come alive when served with juicy steak tips and burgers.

Also look for bottles with peppery notes to enhance that fresh, hot-off-the-grill taste. Syrah shines here, with a dark fruitiness and light peppery finish that makes it excellent alongside nicely-charred sirloin.

Classic BBQ sauce and tangy marinades call for reds, especially Zinfandel. This jammy and fruit-forward wine plays well with sweet and spicy rubs alike. A smooth Syrah also does the trick!

Both Zinfandel and Malbec can be served cool in the heat of summer—chilling a bottle heightens fresh fruit flavors. Dark and fruity Malbec is a barbecue all-star that can be enjoyed by meat lovers and veggie friends alike.

Scrumptious with… Chicken & Seafood

While grilling lighter fare, you have just as many delectable wine options to uncork! Crisp and citrus-flavored whites are sure to be standouts at your cookout.

The refreshing taste and herbal notes of Sauvignon Blanc perfectly complement grilled fish and chicken and veggie skewers.

Would it even be a party if you didn’t drink Rosé?! With fruity hints ranging from strawberry to peach, this warm-weather favorite is deliciously versatile. A glass of chilled Rosé in one hand, hot dog in the other… you’ll be living your best life.

Another tasty choice is Pinot Grigio. This zesty light white pairs splendidly with lighter seafood. For buttery scallops or grilled lobster (mmm!), pour a more full-bodied white wine, like a buttery Chardonnay.

A zippier, un-oaked Chardonnay (or citrusy Sauvignon Blanc), is ideal with anything you’d squeeze lemon on, like shrimp or lemon and pepper-seasoned chicken. Riesling’s bright acidity also balances smoky grill flavors nicely.

For vegetarian-friendly pairings, bring out crisp, high-acidity whites (hello, Sauvignon Blanc!). Chardonnay perfectly complements grilled corn, while leaner reds, like Pinot Noir, are delicious accompaniments to flame-kissed veggies. A smooth, fruit-driven Pinot will also enhance the savory flavor of grilled mushrooms and portabello burgers.