Chef Ludo Lefebvre's Vin de Table Collection


Wine Insiders welcomes acclaimed French chef, restaurateur, author, and TV personality Chef Ludo Lefebvre as a Celebrity Partner. The Burgundy-born, Los Angeles-based chef has curated a magnifique collection inspired by the French approach to enjoying meals and gathering around the table.


From His Table to Yours

"The French take time to site down and savor meals. Creating ambiance is important, too. When I'm hosting dinner, the music is on, converation is flowing—and so is the wine!"

From His Table to Yours
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A Letter from Chef Ludo

I grew up in Burgundy, France, which is famous for winemaking. When I was a child, I picked grapes in the vineyards. As an adult, I pick wines to serve in my restaurants in Los Angeles, and while cooking and entertaining at home.

Spending time around the table is an important part of my culture, eating and drinking while having conversations with friends and family. In France, “vin de table” is poured. This translates to “table wine,” which is the inspiration for my Vin de Table collection.

I invite you to serve and enjoy these delicious, high-quality wines at your own table. As we say in France while raising a glass, à la vôtre (to yours)!

Chef Ludo Lefebvre

Awards & Accolades

Named among the “World’s 50 Greatest Chefs” by Relais & Châteaux, Ludo has helmed the menu at top restaurants, including Trois Mec, Petit Trois, Bastide, L’Orangerie and LudoBird.

With his Vin de Table collection, he brings that same exquisite taste—the chef's thoughtful curation applies not only to choosing ingredients for cooking but finding a great bottle of wine.

Awards & Accolades

Featured Sets

Recipes from the Kitchen

“I learned under the great masters of French cuisine, but I like to get creative.”

Chef Ludo enjoys experimenting with modern twists on French dishes and incorporating flavors of the world. The visionary chef, who has appeared on Top Chef Masters, Iron Chef America, and The Taste, shares a few delicious recipes featuring suggested wine pairings from the Vin de Table collection.

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Inspiration from burgundy

"The lifestyle in Burgundy as a whole is really about celebrating life, love, friends, and family."

Chef Ludo gives a first-hand account of growing up in this beautiful, historic region and how it gave him a deep appreciation for food and wine.