Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

Whether you’re hosting family for a holiday meal, or just want to hand the host a crowd-pleasing bottle, check “yummy wine” off your holiday to-do with our Thanksgiving wine list. We’ve picked wines that will be delicious throughout your meal, so be sure to stock up on multiples.

Pinot Noir & Turkey

For: Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Herb-Roasted Veggies

This juicy, silky red is a versatile Thanksgiving Day star that's light enough to pair with poultry and veggies. Pour it with your turkey, and don’t be scared to take a sip after a bite of cranberry sauce—the wine’s red berry notes will make a great match. Also try: California Merlot

Chardonnay & Savory Sides

For: Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Cornbread, Sweet Potato Casserole

Chardonnay’s medium- to full-body (and, if oak-aged, hints of toasty vanilla) are great with gravy-drenched mashed potatoes, gooey sweet potato casserole, and buttery cornbread…plus it will please all of the “white wine with white meat” purists when you slice the turkey. Also try: Elegant Chenin Blanc

Zinfandel & Stuffing

For: Sausage Stuffing, Turkey Legs, Cranberry Sauce

This bold, luscious red has plenty of oomph to stand up to hearty sausage stuffing and the darkest cuts from your turkey, while its natural tanginess is a treat when it mingles with tart cranberry sauce. Typically clocking in at slightly higher alcohol levels, Zinfandel is also very smooth—making it a great pick for pre-dinner sipping. Also try: Red Bordeaux

Sauvignon Blanc & Veggies or Cheese

For: Green Beans, Brussels Sprouts, Goat Cheese

Sauvignon Blanc is all about citrus, fresh-cut herbs, tropical fruits, and mineral freshness—all qualities that help it shine with fresh green veggies or any dish with herbs—from snappy green beans, to a turkey stuffed with sprigs of rosemary and thyme. It's also a winner with a festive cheese plate; goat cheese is the classic match, but feel free to experiment with other soft cheeses. Also try: Crisp Italian Pinot Grigio

Lush Port for Dessert

For: Fruit Pies, Chocolate Truffles, and Everything in Between!

Rippling with sweet waves of dark red berries, Ruby Port is the ultimate, easy-going partner for all kinds of holiday desserts (you can even try it on its own, or paired up with a slice of blue cheese like Stilton—so fancy). Also try: Fruity-Fresh Moscato

Pour These Crowd-Pleasers During Dinner!

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