How to Clean Your Wine Glass

Wine cannot be complete without a glass to accompany it. While this is self-evident for every beverage, there lies an inexplicable beauty to red and white wine resting in a perfect drinking glass. Even while thinking about this, we cannot help but think about the beautiful image of a filled wine glass.

Therefore, it is understandable why wine lovers go out of their way to purchase the best wine glass set. Wine has an undeniable picturesque quality. However, don’t think that this beauty comes effortlessly. Part of the reason why wine glasses are so attractive and smudge-free is because responsible owners put in the effort to make sure they’re in pristine condition.

Different Types of Wine Glasses

Before we get into how to clean your wine glass collection, you should understand the types of glasses out there. There are four main types you should know: red wine glasses, white wine glasses, dessert wine glasses, and sparkling wine glasses. Most of them are usually made from either two materials: crystal or traditional glass.

Crystal Wine Glasses

Crystal glass contains a percentage of safe lead. This makes it thinner, heavier, and the crystal glass exhibits a brilliant shine, which allows your wine to sparkle. Another highlight of crystal is its thin rim. Wine lovers tend to adore this feature because it provides a better experience for smooth wine drinking.

Many opt for crystal over traditional glass for these attributes but remember that crystal glasses have their own drawbacks. One of them is that most crystal glasses should be hand washed. If you prefer hand washing your dishes, then all the more power to you!

Crystal glasses are also more fragile. If you’re afraid of dropping them in the sink, you should make the safe decision and go for glass. Perhaps, the biggest drawback of crystal is the price. Crystal glasses are more expensive (with prices going around $100 or more for a set).

Glass Wine Glasses

Regular wine glasses are made from soda-lime (a common material used for windows and jars). If you’re looking for a cheaper option, then go for this variant. Do not be mistaken by the words “regular” and “cheaper,” though. Traditional glasses can be very good for drinking wine.

This is because they are thicker and more durable than crystal glasses. Also, glass glasses are safe to put in dishwashers, so anti-hand washers can rejoice! The best aspects of glass are its cost and availability. You can find these at almost any store for an affordable price.

Yet, take note that regular wine glasses do not have the aesthetic qualities that crystal offers. Unlike crystal glasses, glass glasses do not have a thin rim. So, smooth wine drinking experiences may be challenging with them.

Why Take Care of Your Wine Glasses

It goes without saying that all your drinking glasses should be cleaned for hygienic purposes. Yet, wine glasses are a special case due to the properties of the drink they hold.

Most of the time, you will probably be taking long and careful sips to truly relish the wine. As a result, your glass will most likely have fingerprints on it. This takes away the beauty of a wine glass and gives it a foggy look.

Another issue is wine stains. If you have been using a red wine glass for a while, then chances are that it has developed tints of red or violet. Not only does this make the wine glass look more unflattering to guests, but it also turns your once great glass into a dirty and archaic form of itself.

Finally, the last wine you drank can leave a leftover smell. As a result, the scent of your glass interferes with the aroma and taste of the current wine you’re drinking.

How To Take Care of Your Wine Glasses

No matter what wine glass option you choose, you can have nice wine glasses by putting in a little extra care.

Hand Washing Wine Glasses

The recommended way to clean your crystal and traditional glasses is by hand washing them. But there are a few considerations and tips to keep in mind.

You should start by cleaning your sink, in order to prevent any leftover crumbs or frosting (from the last food you ate) from touching the wine glass. Then, pre-rinse your glasses as soon as possible after your meal. This keeps any leftover wine from staining them.

Afterward, you should cushion the wine glasses while they are in the sink. By leaving a folding towel at the bottom of your sink, your glasses will have a soft material to sit on. This prevents them from getting scratches and other marks.

Next, you need to wash the glasses with a consistent temperature of warm water. If the water is too hot or if you suddenly change the water temperature, you’ll risk damaging their materials. Make sure to wash one glass at a time, in order to keep them from hitting one another.

Wine connoisseurs love to clean the inside of their glasses (especially the ones with larger bowls) with a soft-bristled stemware brush because they provide a smooth, careful scrub. This is not a necessity, but it is a great addition.

Finally, use lint-free linen cloth to fully dry your glasses. If you air-dry, you will end up with stubborn watermarks!

Wine Insider Tip: Some other tips to take away is that crystal glasses may develop a white or gray film. If this occurs, create a solution involving weak vinegar and water. Leave your glasses in them for one or two hours, and voilà! You now have sparkling crystal glasses for your wine.

Also, you should note that crystal glasses have a tendency to absorb nearby odors. So, use a limited amount of soap while cleaning them. You should store them away from coffee, cleaning products, and other items that exhibit a strong scent.

Cleaning Your Wine Glasses in A Dishwasher

An alternative to this is putting the wine glasses into your dishwasher. Space out your glasses, so they don’t hit each other, use a delicate wash cycle, and avoid the heated drying cycle. This is because the intense heat can damage your glasses.

Enjoy Your Lustrous Glass of Wine!

Imagine the sun shining on a crystal clear glass of Pinot Noir in the afternoon. The grandeur of that scene would be incredible!

Or think about the dark allure of toasting a Bordeaux glass with a loved one on a night out together. Now that is what we call a picture-perfect moment.

You can turn these images into reality by properly taking care of your red and white wine glasses. If you take the effort to clean your wine glass collection, you’ll have the perfect glasses for parties, holidays, or any other special occasion. Not to mention, the elegant beauty of a wine glass and its place at special moments in your life will be great memories for you.

Now it’s time to fill your glass! Check out our website for our full catalog of wines.