10 Great Movies That Pair With Wine

We’ve got a big (and small) screen suggestions for wine-lovers! Choose something from our watchlist to pair to a bottle from your latest shipment and kick back on the couch to enjoy yourself! Below are ten movies and tv shows where wine has a charming cameo, is in the supporting cast or even plays a starring role!

  1. The Wine Show

While most people might tune in for Matthew Rhys or Matthew Goode, we are superfans of Joe Fattorini and his crazy extensive wine knowledge. Regardless, this crew gets up to grape fun in this amazing series on Hulu where wine is the real star. Any wine in our collection pairs well!

  1. Sideways: A Novel

We hate to be redundant, but just in case you didn’t see this beauty on our book list we wanted to mention it enjoyed a marvelous adaptation in 2004. Grab a bottle of Pinot Noir and get ready for uproarious laughter.

  1. Bottleshock

While we think Sideways is an essential California wine comedy, then Bottle Shock is another must-see movie based on real-life events. If you are unfamiliar with the Judgment of Paris event that put Napa on the map or if, like us, you really love Alan Rickman, grab any California wine and your remote and dive into this 2008 film.

  1. A Year in Burgundy / A Year in Champagne

These are two different documentaries both directed by David Kennard and both offering a rare and beautiful glimpse into two popular regions through the lens of the four seasons, from planting to harvest. For something to sip, a wine from Bourgogne or any of our sparkling will do nicely!

  1. Somm / Somm: Into the Bottle / Somm 3

The SOMM series of documentaries are a gleeful look at the life of sommeliers prepping for the extremely difficult Master Sommelier examination. It’s chock full of flavor notes and stressful fun, so stay on theme and pour yourself a delicious wine likely to stump most in a blind taste test, such as Zinfandel or Malbec.

  1. Uncorked

If you enjoy the trials and tribulations of aspiring somms, sit back for this dramatic film about a Memphis-born son of a BBQ restaurateur. Elijah’s dreams just can’t stay bottled up! Pairs to any great full-bodied red, like Cabernet Sauvignon.

  1. Back to Burgundy

This foreign film offers fabulous performances in a family story set in one of the world’s most renowned winemaking regions. Grab a glass and uncork an Aligoté because it will pair perfectly to this moody drama.

  1. The Secret of Santa Vittoria

If you’re like us, you never tire of stories of villages coming together during World War II to do something humane – in this classic film it happens to be to hide a million bottles of wine from the Germans! Priorities, priorities—any bottle of Italian wine will do.

  1. You Will Be My Son

Holy casks of wine—we don’t want to give away spoilers however you won’t expect a wine movie to go in the direction this one does. This intense and slightly dark French film about the inheritance of a prestigious winemaking family is full of bold tannins and twists. Grab a claret of anything from Sauvignon Blanc to a Rhône Blend.

  1. Wine Country

Okay, maybe it’s barely about the wine, but it’s set in California wine country and has an excellent ensemble cast of female comediennes. Grab a big glass of Chardonnay and say YAY for Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and more!

Raise a glass and enjoy!