Read This Before Wine Tasting

Whether you are celebrating your birthday at a winery or your wine-loving friend has invited you over for a tasting, the “full wine experience” awaits you in the end. At a wine tasting, you can try a variety of wines, talk with professionals in this field, and obtain a deeper understanding of wines, as a whole.

However, you should know some related information on how to make your visit better. There are a few ways that can make or break your experience. By following some well-established wine tips that many follow when going to these events, your taste buds will be ready for a new and delightful journey.

Preparatory Steps

Overall, you should know a few preparations before making your way to the vineyard.

Woman Drinking Red Wine at Wine Tasting Dressed Up

The Dress Code

One of these includes the dress code. While most wineries are relatively casual, some require you to dress formally. Get to know the winery before making the decision to go by doing research on it and their regulations.


Any joyous event you go to has the ability to milk your wallet dry. Therefore, create a plan on how much money you want to spend. This allows you to get an idea on the amount of wines you’ll be tasting. Not to mention, your wallet will have leftover money in it.

The Wine Tasting Experience

Now for the main course that you’ll find in the tasting rooms! Wine tasting brings a variety of wine aromas and flavors. All in all, learning how to taste your wine and what to do when you don’t like one will serve as the defining moments in this experience.


Spitting is often seen as a socially inappropriate action, but this is another story at wineries. These establishments usually have spittoons (in other words, spit buckets). So if you taste a wine that does not adhere to your personal preferences, then feel free to spit it out in one of the given buckets.

Wine Tasting Order

Your impressions of the wines being offered is impacted by the order in which you drink them. While the wine drinking sequence is slightly different among experts, most have agreed with this:

  1. Sparkling Wine - By starting with lighter wines, you are taking a sample whose flavor will eventually dissipate. Sparkling wines are the perfect choice. Even though they have a sweet and fizzy taste, sparkling prepares your taste buds for stronger wines.
  2. Whites Before Reds - White wines are generally preferred before reds because of their lack of tannins. The higher level of tannins in red wines will leave your mouth dry. As a result, you should start with whites in order to prime your palate for the red wines that you will drink later. Also, if you’re going to drink rosé wines, then have them in between your whites and reds.
  3. Save Fortified and Sweet For Last - Most of the time, wine connoisseurs will start with the citric and younger ones first, then move on to dry and older wines. Fortified and sweet wines are usually saved for last. Drinking fortified varietals and dessert wines first will interfere with the flavors of the white and red ones. Now that would be a waste of perfectly good wine!

Things To Be Prudent For

While you should be enjoying your glass of Pinot Noir or Moscato, be mindful about your conduct. Otherwise, you’ll be in for quite a wine folly.

Avoid Drinking Too Much and Fast

It can be easy for someone (especially people who are new to wine tastings) to get carried away and drink too much. Intoxication can only lead to trouble. Therefore, set limits for yourself.

Also, take your time while sampling the wine. Wine is a delicate and beautiful beverage, so it requires an equally delicate drinking process. Start by looking at the side of your glass of wine, and pay attention to its color and texture.

Afterward, swirl the wine and bring it to your nose. This lets you fully take in the wine’s smell. When taking a sip of wine, swirl it around your mouth and savor its delectable taste.

Man Drinking White Wine at Wine Tasting

How To Hold Your Glass

The most solidified etiquette of wine drinking is to hold the glass by its stem. By keeping your hand on the glass’ bowl, the heat of your hand will alter the intended temperature and taste of your wine.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

If you’re curious about a wine, its history, or you need a spittoon, please make sure to ask the winery's host or pourer. This allows you to learn more about a particular area you did not know much about. Also, it shows the head of the event that you care about their products and it signals that you may want to purchase a bottle of wine.

Have Fun Wine Tasting!

Now that you have more information on wine tastings, you’re ready to go to one with grace and fearlessness. By taking the steps needed to learn more about wine and how to properly handle a glass of one, you can fully experience the wondrous beauty of many distinct wines.