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2020 Tűzkő Kékfrankos D.O.P

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  • 2020 Tűzkő Kékfrankos D.O.P
  • 2020 Tűzkő Kékfrankos D.O.P
    Winery Tuzko Birtok
    Varietal Kekfrankos
    Year 2020
    Type Bottle
    ABV 13.0%
    Country Hungary
    Region Pannon
    With viticulture dating back 300 years, the Hungarian blue grape, Kekfrankos, is a prize to behold. Our 2020 selection is a medium-bodied red, considered one of the country’s best varietals. The Tuzko Kekfrankos emits vibrant aromas of cherry, red berries, and rose pepper accompanied by hints of chili spices. Carefully selected from the rolling hills of Tolna near the historic Tuzko estate, winemakers combine traditional and modern techniques to get the most expression from their wine. The grape must is gently pressed and fermented in temperature-controlled steel tanks, which lends to its perfectly balanced tannins and structure. The 2020 Tuzko Kekrankos tastes heavenly as an aperitif or paired with Hungarian dishes containing pasta or meat. Enjoy this wine’s vibrant berry notes, fine tannins, and a medium-long finish. Each sip is pleasant on the palate.
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    Critics Challenge Wine Competition

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