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2021 Grand Bellot Bordeaux Blanc

Juicy Mango Meets Tart Lemon

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  • 2021 Grand Bellot Bordeaux Blanc
  • 2021 Grand Bellot Bordeaux Blanc
    Year 2021
    Type Bottle
    ABV 12.0
    Country France
    Region Bordeaux
    Glimmering with pale verdant hues, this 2021 Grand Bellot Bordeaux Blanc displays a lifted nose brimming with complex aromas of citrus and white peach. On the palate, tart lemon brings a bite of bright acidity while juicy mango offers a sweet contrast. The finish is round and savory with a buttery body and light pepper lingering flavor. This 2021 Grand Bellot Blanc hails from the 4th-generation Bellot winemaking family in Bordeaux. The current head of the family, Frederic Bellot, spent years expanding his wine knowledge and expertise before taking responsibility over the vineyard. Since then, he’s crafted some of the finest wines in France with supreme balance between structure and acidity. This Bordeaux Blanc is best served chilled at around 50° F and makes an exceptional companion for all types of seafood, including smoked salmon, sushi, or oysters.
    Award Medal

    2023 Silver

    San Diego International Wine Competition

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