2022 Entre Ciel Et Mer Vermentino

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  • 2022 Entre Ciel Et Mer Vermentino
  • 2022 Entre Ciel Et Mer Vermentino
    Varietal Vermentino
    Year 2022
    Type Bottle
    ABV 12.5
    Country France
    Region Pays d'Oc
    Feel whisked away to the sunny French seaside with 2022 Entre Ciel Et Mer Vermentino. Dry and deliciously thirst-quenching, this light-bodied white wine is the perfect pour for relaxed days at the beach and breezy evenings on a veranda with friends. Bright lemon-colored in the glass, this lively Vermentino entices with a bouquet of floral and citrus notes. The palate reveals fresh peach, citrus, and green apple, supported by ample acidity. There is a slight creaminess on the lingering finish with subtle, slightly bitter hints of almond. Carefully selected grapes were grown on gentle slopes in Pays d’Oc in the South of France. Vermentino thrives in the Mediterranean climate of Pays d’Oc, where hot, dry summers are tempered by humidity and cooling sea breezes. These conditions allow vineyards to produce aromatic, flavorful grapes that are expressive of the region’s high-quality terroir. Best served chilled, 2022 Entre Ciel Et Mer Vermentino makes a lovely aperitif. It also pairs beautifully with chicken and avocado salads, classic fish and chips, and baked salmon with almond.

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