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2022 Monte Serena Winemaker's Selection Merlot

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  • 2022 Monte Serena Winemaker
  • 2022 Monte Serena Winemaker
    Winery Hemispheres
    Varietal Merlot
    Year 2022
    Type Bottle
    ABV 13.5%
    Country United States
    Region California
    Enjoy this easy-drinking Merlot, not from France or Italy, but hailing from a unique winemaking region of California. 2022 Monte Serena Winemaker's Selection Merlot opens with luscious notes of black cherries and plums balanced by hints of chocolate and baking spices. This Merlot is dry yet intensely fruity with a medium-to-full body. Soft but present tannins offer a smooth, lingering finish on the palate. Part of California’s Central Coast, Monterey has established itself as one of the state’s premium wine-growing regions, producing high-quality wines on par with those from Napa or Sonoma. Warm sunlight is tempered by cooling air from Monterey Bay, allowing for a longer growing season. Slowly maturing grapes offer concentrated flavors, which Monte Serena winemakers skillfully harnessed to present a wine that captures the varietal beautifully. This Merlot is quite versatile, pairing well with charcuterie, roast lamb or pork, and sautéed vegetables.

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