2022 Rotondo Friulano D.O.C.

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  • 2022 Rotondo Friulano D.O.C.
  • 2022 Rotondo Friulano D.O.C.
    Winery Baglio Parisi
    Varietal Friulano
    Year 2022
    Type Bottle
    ABV 13.0%
    Country Italy
    Region Friuli-Venezia Giulia
    From Italy’s Northeast Friuli-Venezia Giulia region comes a charming white wine bursting with acidity and a smooth mineral finish. The Rotondo Fruiliano DOC 2022 is dry on the palate with aromatic wildflowers, grapefruit, and subtle hints of almond. Often mistaken for Sauvignon Blanc, this wine is light-bodied with crisp citrus notes and slightly savory flavors. This elegant white comes from the Cargnelutti family, known for crafting wines using traditional Friuli methods since the 1960s. The Rotondo Fruiliano DOC 2022 is well-suited for lighter meat dishes like white fish and roasted chicken. It is also lovely with cooked green vegetables or as an aperitif. Chill slightly before serving to get the most out of those delicate fruit and floral notes.

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