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2023 Rewild Sustainable Moscato

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  • 2023 Rewild Sustainable Moscato
  • 2023 Rewild Sustainable Moscato
    Varietal Moscato
    Year 2023
    Type Bottle
    ABV 7.0%
    Country Australia
    Region Murray-Darling
    Rewild Sustainable Moscato is a light and bright pale straw wine from the Murray Darling region of Australia. Its tropical array of passion fruit and citrus overtones, accompanied by stone fruit nuances and hints of grass, creates a crisp and luscious palate. Best enjoyed now, this Moscato pairs perfectly with fruit platters and sunshine. With minimal intervention and sustainability in mind, it's a testament to eco-conscious winemaking in the Southern Murray Darling. Best enjoyed at a crisp 7°C, this wine pairs harmoniously with chargrilled prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe slices, making it an ideal companion for your gatherings. It's also a perfect match for a summer fruit galette. Plus, it proudly carries a 100% vegan-friendly label.

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