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There have been vineyards in South Africa since the 17th century and today the country is known for unique varietals, like Pinotage, and delicious wines from esteemed regions such as Stellenbosch. Located on the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa’s picturesque Stellenbosch region is where grapes grow at the foot of a stunningly beautiful granite mountain range. Runoff from the mountains enriches the vineyards’ soil, and this terroir gives Stellenbosch wines a unique, savory hint that elevates the flavor profiles of even the fruitiest wines. Here you will find the amazing Winery of Good Hope, makers of our popular Vinum wines, and twenty minutes southeast in the Western Cape is Journey's End, makers of our Trebuchet wines.

The beautiful view of the sea from Journey's End winery.

Much of the area was settled by the Dutch in the late 1600's. Drawn in by the rich soil and agreeable climate, they began growing vegetables to sell to Dutch traders who stopped at the Cape of Good Hope on the way to other colonies. Soon, the settlers realized that these sailors wanted something to drink, too, and winemaking began shortly after. Since then, South African's reputation for delicious wines has grown steadily.

The Stellenbosch Team
The fantastic team at the winery.

Accredited for environmental, ethical and social-upliftment practices

We're proud to stock our collection with South African wines from the Stellenbosch's Winery of Good Hope. Founded in 1998 by Alex Dale, the Winery of Good Hope is fully accredited for environmental, ethical, and social-upliftment practices, making the most of the local atmosphere, producing great wines using traditional, natural viticulture and winemaking methods.

"I was blown away by the vineyard's beauty"

Jake from our Creative team was lucky enough to visit the Winery of Good Hope earlier this year. Here's what he has to say about his time there, "Nestled right in the valley of the epic Helderberg Mountain, I was blown away by the vineyard's beauty and sunny landscape! The Chenin Blanc was especially memorable with its pleasant acidity and smoky, ripe fruit notes."

wi-blog-diva6.jpgJake, Senior Designer at Wine Insiders, visited the Cape of Good Hope winery estate.

Wines to watch out for

Chenin Blanc

South Africa is the world's largest producer of this rich and slightly sweet white wine. Our selections from the Winery of Good Hope offer a prime example of Stellenbosch's palate-pleasing balance of fruit notes and savory hints.

Our team paired a South African Chenin Blanc with a spicy Thai seafood medley, and it was perfect. The wine's full body and big tropical fruit flavors helped beat the heat from the hot peppers, and the fruit flavors melded with the tangy nam jim dipping sauce. The next pairing on the list? Grilled mahi mahi tacos and pineapple salsa.


With nearly a century as South African's signature grape, Pinotage is a hybrid of Pinot Noir and Cinsault (also known as Hermitage) grapes. Made to thrive in South African's unique terroir, Pinotage wines are celebrated for their unique, light red profile that is sure to excite Pinot Noir-lovers. This light favorite is the quintessential summer red. Serve it with a slight chill when the weather gets warm.


"A ridiculously priced wine that could easily pass for a white burgundy at twice the price." That's Fiona Beckett, the wine writer at The Guardian, talking about the 2017 Trebuchet Chardonnay from Western Cape's Journey's End winery.

You can get Chardonnay anywhere, but South African Chards have a delightful balance of tart citrus, tropical fruit, and a nougat-like creaminess on the finish that sets them apart from the pack.

The namesake of our popular wine is a real trebuchet at the vineyard.

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